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XMarti X: My dad's a Russian, but he is very toned down compared to this dude, but I see common traits.

Milka Idk: Why is the boyfriend actor guy not in movies yet, funny as s**t, when he tried holding hands and then started slapping his own neck, I lmfao

ROUGE FACTION: Do one with Somalian or an Arab man lol


ThePhantom712: Can anybody translate 30 50 ? I really want to know what she was saying for some reason

Miguel Garcia: Scottish is the sexiest

Mohamad Akkad: The Russian lady that speaks english, sounds so good.those R dang !

Miguel Baez: That British guy is a douche

K. R .J: These women are whack jobs. I guarantee if they were to choose a fit gym rat (above holding the cat and the guy in the first picture or just say, a caring but very obese man who lets himself go. I'm sure they would take and date the fat guy, long or short term -

Harry Edwards: There are more but these were the most obvious misses in the video.

To Be Known: Mishap after mishap

Dil Howlter: Aww she's so cute

FactsOnDeck: Especially the Kostas part, MY GOD there are so many Kostas, Nikos, Dimitris Apostolis it's impossible to keep up!

Lara Oliveira: Smiling all the time makes you fucking retarded lol. That's why I love Ukraine. Ukrainians smile only when they are laughing or when they are enjoying their time e.g. singing, dancing, etc. )

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But sometimes when you've done it all you start to wonder what's next. Aside of displaying the wit and wisdom they're used to finding from the city's finest drinkslingers, he's also got a killer bod and a package that promises a wild ride. I would say they are in rare form if I didn't think it would make them sound like they didn't always bring their A game, but somehow this combination has created an energy you can feel.

And that's just as well because Reese pounds him in a bunch of different positions, the last of which is any ravenous bottom boy's dream, face down over the side of the bed letting Reese shove every last inch of his huge cock deep inside, open access. Then we have Xander Scott, who's physical robustness is second only to his angelic face.

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Reese Topher Enjoy Showering Together

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