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Sabau Alex: That Yorkshire accent was shit.

Brianna G: Please do dating French woman.

EdateDating: Do Finland please :D

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Alex_D Luffy: Londoner accent is quite charming compared to the other british accents andthere is also scottish which there is no need to tell.

Taranjot P: I'm Puerto Rican but godammit Spain have the sexiest accent

Peter Jackson: A girl did that to me in France and I thought in my head wow people are really friendly here, unlike us stuck up punks in North America. I don't know if it's a cultural thing or if Latin Europeans are genuinely more friendly but it was nice touch. As a guy who grew up in Toronto, I'd still refrain from doing it here but who knows.

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Wolf2966: I feel like Portugal has the nicer accent. Now this might be biased because I myself am Portuguese but it feels like the brasilian accent seems a bit more. I don't know. childish, I seem. I'm not sure exactly how, but yeah.

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Lavish Jizzing After Flaming Teasing

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