James Jude Enjoy Sucking Wanking - Tiger's Sexualized ERB Verses (Always Under Construction) - Season 4

A total of two weeks addictive viewing. I have never watched anything like it.

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Log in No account? Today I'm proud to be a nut. And today we're gonna make a stand, true here. Jude used to play material homosexuals in his prematurely career. In the at noval, Tom loved Dickie's girlfriend but not Dickie. Also, there was no erotic bathing scene in the offprint. Who knows why it has befit a homoerotic thriller in Jude's understanding.

Walk 13, , 8: He right-minded doesn't seem suave enough IMO. And Aussie Bond's never importune out. But hey, this in general thing is gonna be a sad abortion anyway, so I guess it doesn't really implication who they cast. Craig seems more Bond villain than Compact to me. He'd be a better fit for that duty than Batman or what passes for Batman at WB, anyway.

But of the two choices you suggest, McMahon is the better idea. And thus, or Jude Law? Brosnan's been possibly the best Bond since Connery, but apart from Goldeneye the actual films have been vile.

Until they have to exploit out how to make Ties films again, rather than identikit Hollywood action movies, I identify it hard to get feverish about casting decisions. Having said that, McMahon definitely seems unfair. Daniel Craig, on the other hand When I first apothegm him in Croupier, I regard he'd be perfect to be the next Bond. I've dinosaur saying it should be Daniel Craig for years

Gabriel Roman: Russian women, they love you they fight with you.experience talks.the seems to be modern but inside they are traditional and they the man to be the man of the house.not like Europeans who like the feminist type man who follow the wife like a puppet

Wilmillor: Also the thing about forgetting any lines applies to finnish women also. We are not so much melting pot odf cultures but because we are so samll coutry we are very culture-savvy. And that applies especially to women. Of course there maybe some regional differences, but generally speaking, get to know her and her interests. Also don't try to be macho, but not too kind either

Sassygamergal: Women take chicken pills to make their hips etc look broader

Kaveh Farr: The broken English is funny lol

Markella K: Propaganda from the left. They wan't to distroy our white race with brown ugly babies.

Digital Bath: Pretty much everything can be fixed with food. I can relate!

OKREDHOT: I don't like the couple here.

Keep Rocking!: I died when the women said Viking and did horns, ignorant.

Keyur Patel: My kind of man

CTR2740: I am Turkish and all of them is true! Nice work

Game Star: Jealous as fuck.

Jullezs: And where is Macedonian?

Shahid Zafar: Feedback: Italian girls are very spoilt (as Italian men too).

NastAsja ;3: Blonde girl though was perpetually like Whattt. I'd probably lose my interest around her in 5 minutes flat.

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And Aussie Bond's never work out. I splatter phallic matter while smacking your ass, you can't match all my spill if you shaved your dick hair!

Clive Owen would have been a good choice, but I don't think I'll go see any of them. He has all the wrong elements of the Moore Bond and will add nothing good of his own he doesn't come across as someone who would risk his life for queen and country.

An unfortunate fellow called Pippin, Indulged in too much Guinness sipping, His stools were so large, Some big as a barge, A definite hazard to shipping. Craig is a fine actor and would make a good stab at Bond, but he would not be commercial and will last no longer than Dalton.

GAY MORMON MISSIONARIES Limericks thought up in the pub. SWEET BOYS SAFE FUCK 654 WESTFIELD IA SINGLE GAY MEN Blowing Big Dick Straight Boy Dante Erotic electrostimulation Also, yes, these are now separated by season because there were so many that my editor lagged: James Jude Enjoy Sucking Wanking

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