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The best thing round his fucking skills is how vocal he is whenever he gives or takes it. Two Timtales Exclusives in this scene of deep raw puncture breeding. That enormous thick cock unquestionably impressed Caleb backwards and out!

We met this coarse beef daddy abandon in London City. Mature, hairy, rugged with a eminent British uncut cock and ready to pound a minor smooth hole. Caleb King has preordained himself to be toyed with at the mercy of Osiris Blade, donjon master. Caleb loves to be harshly treated, bound sooner than restrictive clothing, and of course, fucked in the ass very, very inscrutable. These are all things at which Osiris Blade is quite adept.

They start by kidding hard and with intensity. Although the erection is tremendous, Caleb knows he must do all in his effectiveness to give Osiris pleasure. He takes the enormous dick good and mysterious down his throat.

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We met this sexy beef daddy back in London Town.

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Jay Red Caleb King

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