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ImageSounds: Jeez , that green dress look like really cheap

Francisco444: Is it me or did anyone else spot a similar trend among women from (Western/Central European nations in general?

Petar Petkov: But. what about the salt?

Boobear0268: Any common features about nations and mentality are good to make a general impression only. Please, don't judge the whole nation according with some cliche. Be smarter and always look at the person.

Jules Verne: This is soooooooooo trueeee

Graeme Dixon: Shynbalaie, quando vejo o Sol beijando o mar :v kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Sketchy Vines: What I really enjoy about those videos is that they make me rethink approaching women. I've met women that behave just the same as Colombian women, Mexican, Greek women. at least here in Sao Paulo can find all kinds of behavior. Or maybe I have bad luck.

Anoif Ceitin: Looks a lot like russian women actually

Adfique Rosli: Yes, I would love to date an Italian women, Love their accents, thanks.

Sabri Safaa: ASIAN? I'm sorry but you canNOT generalise an entire continent.

And I'm going to leave the video version of this here Log in or sign up in seconds. You're jerking it some random fantasy vaguely based off of me.

Gay Boys Tube OP, I think it is best to keep that kind of information to yourself unless it is your girlfriend. I think most men would be the same. I'd still be flattered.

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  1. As a half iranian Mormon, I would say you just strawmanned an entire religion. Yes so logical of you.

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