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Although non-prescription melatonin is by far the most popular, some children are prescribed epilepsy drugs, sedatives, alpha agonists such as clonidine or antidepressants such as trazodone, depending on the nature of their problem. A new long-acting melatonin mini-pill, just 3 millimeters in diameter, could be a game changer if its early results are borne out.

It is difficult to assess in children on the spectrum but can be treated with dietary changes or a variety of medications. It also extended their total sleep time by nearly an hour—a significant improvement. Some researchers point to evidence that children with autism tend to be in a heightened state of physiological arousal.

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When Nick was a toddler, he struggled to make sense of language, coordinate his own limbs and orient himself in the world. His mother, Brigid Day, got some sympathetic advice from his neurologist. It was permission, essentially, to soothe her child into sleep by lying next to him in bed. Nick had multiple delays—in crawling, walking, pointing, speaking—and at age 4, he was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.

The nightly ritual worked well, Day says, but eventually it got old. On others, she would quietly get up, steal an hour or two for herself and then settle down in the downstairs bedroom she shares with her husband Mike. On such nights, though, between 1 and 3 a. A soft-spoken woman who seems deeply in sync with her child, Day felt torn between addressing his needs and meeting her own.

From the time he was a toddler, Jaxon, now a bright, energetic 7-year-old with mild features of autism, could take as much as an hour to fall asleep and then seemed to have no idea when nighttime was over.

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