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Scene hair and Emo hair have a great deal in common. Many of the styles are virtually identical.

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  • Most emo hairstyles for guys used to be about wearing your hair as black as A...
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  • Scene hair and Emo hair have a great deal in common. Many of the styles are virtually identical. However,...
  • Emo hairstyles for guys have come a long way since the s when it was...

Want a look that mixes attitude, sweetness, and personality in one? You should check out emo hairstyles for guys. The unmistakable haircut that accompanies the emo lifestyle is an awesome choice for boys with straight hair, but even for those with a curly or wavy texture. Also, there are tons of variations that you can look through prior to picking your favorite match. We will kick off our list with the ideal hair type for the emo look — thick hair.

Generally, this hairstyle is based on full side-sweeping, which is best achieved with naturally thick locks. A few well-placed layers will help you get your desired results.

We have to admit that emo hairstyles for guys look the best if you have super straight hair. This natural texture will allow you to style your hair with ease. Basically, you will get that sleek aspect with ease, without additionally straightening your hair.

If your hair is pretty much thin , there are a few tips and tricks you can apply to get an awesome emo hairstyle. Firstly, we recommend that you grow your hair longer for more coverage. Secondly, trim your edges gradually, with shorter layers towards your eyes and longer layers as you go down.


The emo hairstyles for guys have come a extensive way since the s when it was all about punk music in the streets. That was then but now you do not have to be affiliated to any kind of music to have the emo artwork.

Well, if you are looking for befitting emo hairstyles for guys, you are such in chance because here are the best of all-time emo cuts. The side arc is one way to keep tab on your long hair that you never want to shear. One side without the sweep is combed rearward while the sweep is dragged to the other side and left into two layers. The condescend layer falls as dirty as the end of the cheek with unambiguously pointing tips. The sides are shaved to an inch length and a brown heart shape fatigued on one of the sides.

The Mohawk is divided into 2: It leaves a racing sense that will be a catch in the streets.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. With faded line starting from one corner of the forehead, the top hair is divided into asymmetrical patches. They may look similar in the way they are cut and styled, but the coloring is one of the ways to define the difference. Caught between an emo hairstyle and mohawk?

Here are the famous long spikes, this time in a combination of the classical dark black with some ivory streaks at the front, that illuminate the face and contour it a bit. Some boys pick asymmetrical bangs for an edgy hairstyle, starting short and progressively getting longer to the side.

If you love emo or scene style and you want to show it, you have to have the right hair!
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One side is longer than the other. Want your emo hairstyle to stand out among all others? The sides are combed towards the front while the medium top is tilted slightly and left with its spiky tips. Use a bold and daring color that you can spread beyond the actual eyebrow hairline. He sports a classical messy emo haircut with long bangs and lots of eyeliner to match his dark stage persona.

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