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He shucked my panties off and pushed me up against the sink. I grabbed the faucet for balance, turned the water on hot and got my hands wet,...

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Kostax90: Am I French! I over analyze things.

Nona Nonish: Well, i'm immigrant myself and it is kinda funny. The cultural differences that is. But mostly annoying. xD

Confused: Pls do Dating Portuguese Woman

Themelonsoup: The venezuelan accent was cute but overall my favorite is dominican republican and puerto rican

Daniel Enyel: Russian was the best for me!

XAZAZELx13: Next time hire real easter Europeans

Harun German: Goreh de ma de lun! Anything to make Indians look bad. remember what they did to shilpper shetty.

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Dad Fucks His Boy In Kitchen Gang Of Four: Well this explains a lot.

Carolina B.: Who gives a fuck

George Steven: The guy on the motorcycle and that innocent looking guy. Ugh yas sexy

Gold_Dem0nd25: I like my potatoes too. I can eat potatoes in almost infinite amounts. I'm German btw.

Quincy F: Open car's door for her. How about the opposite? She is not traditional, she is spoiled manipulative bitch, who denies equality. Earn for your own car and for a butler, but she is poor as F.

Juan Montero: In my view about American Women

Vale Aparicio: I speak Spanish and I hardly understood any of it!

SOS ГЌndia: Very funny. An entertaining montage of oddities from every country. For America, I don't know how you can ever top the 'married to our jobs joke from before. XD

Vectorm4: Mexicans can sound so nerdy, maybe because most Spanish lessons are given in a Mexican accent

Omar Silva: Request: You Know You are Dating a Feminist Woman When.

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