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Kevin L: Sad to see how castrated Turks have become. During the ottoman empire, a man's daughter was one of the greatest honors bestowed upon him and he only chose her to marry the men with the most upright manners, strong faith and military skills. Now, they choose people based off of coffee?

Juleks 72: I love how most of these people put in everything as Middle East we Iranians are disrespected

Alexis Zarco: They left out that when a Chinese girl asks you to take her shopping she really means she wants you to purchase everything during the shopping trip.

Arief Rachman: Even my (German auntie got like this when she MARRIED a Greek ; It's all there, the drama, the gossip, the food, the loudness.

Djvidi1976: Well I mean, if you don't know a girl, you shouldn't really get close and personal to her no matter what country she is from right?

Elena French: I'm an Indian, and after seeing this video, I'm totally amazed by this lady. I hope most Russian women are like this only. Wouldn't mind going to the extra mile/being a gentleman/waiting for a long time to break the ice for having such an understanding and amazing life partner. Keep it up :)

Ghost3210: So true, food, pancit to make you feel good, big filipino family, affectionate loud, caring, living, welcoming,and karoake,and filipinos are great singers, they are always on key, (although maybe not the 3 girls in this video, but at least they are on key, lol)

Sil Via: She Acts Like a LIBRA xD

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Catalin Iolea: I relate a lot to this.

Animaier: French woman, before the world colapses!

Chris St-D: Caucasian men has a taste for newcomer because that newcomer relies on him, don't know anything cute, likes him a lot.that guy is probably pretty lacking in self-confidence thats why he needs to feed like he is in control of something.

Marina Wolff: Thats not true. I am a Russian female and there are just stereotypes.

Bananasworth: What a terrible portuguese

Ishamaini1: I wonder why you haven't done Poland yet?

K. R .J: Its scary accurate. The Not yet is the truest!

Forsake: Do one about a Chinese man or woman please!

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Elina Katrine: Let's just say I first judge on Looks than I go into personality, then if she is completely a bad person that's already a red flag. I would like a proportionate body while she would have to be a bit athletic.

Dead Shot: I'm brazilian, and the Brazilian Portuguese part wasn't nice at all.

Cory_styles: Yes we take a shower. What`s wrong ? yes we brush our teeth, like dentists recomend.

Spunky Gays Condom Riding
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