Attractive Muscle Hunk In Birthday Suit And Touching Himself - yummy Muscle Hunk In Birthday Suit And Touching Himself

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Eugene V: I really don't get the point of this video but did watch it and wasn't mad at it except for when they made comments assuming a woman's intelligence based on her looks. That's when I was like uh okay that's not cool.

Bam Whip: The guy from the Netherlands is so tall

Sasa B.: International dating is the best if probably you're not closed minded nationalist or something. I would like to see about the Middle East or Armenian or something:)

Morena G.: Dating an indonesian?

Boris28229: They dont like sports that much or cooking, if she's from Moscow or St Petersburg, maybe they like to cook if they are from some village outside :P

Alexa Ramos: Germans have no soul.

Wilhelm Lope: This was cutee!

Piloto BR: Insert Erdogan joke here!

Paula Dean: How was this physical attractiveness? Every single photo people were commenting their style and that was the theme of the photos. Complete failure.

Apolline: Anyway make darting with the Polish girl if possible :)

Hugo Sousa: I'm Zhu Kumar Lester from Italy.

J Garza: Do an Irish Episode?

MylГЁne St-L.: You know you are dating a Goblin wen you go check on your bank account and it has been cleaned!

Lais Bezson: Am I the only one that wants to see you know you are dating a southern woman when

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Rocky Balboa: I subscribed to this channel to learn interesting things about different cultures dating. and get this weird video of two people guessing the work for kiss. Wtf.

Love Z. Malik: But everyone knows the sexiest accent english can have is the irish one :)

Hello Bitches: You know you are doing Chinese woman when she is Chinese

Hazel Mena: All of them except the last one

Darien Dodge: I need to emulate these guys more.

Hodan Ali: Kinda sad to see how strong traditional gender roles are in Russia.

Clara Pereira: Brazil women and men plz

Tweegyblink: You forgot coffee! Dutch people are all about coffee time!))))))))

Shaz Widhani: These videos are so stereotypical /judgmental. just dont have any preconceived notions of who you are going to date. Judging someone from their nationality and race reflects one's narrow mindedness. I have a Puerto Rican girlfriend and she mentioned none of these stereotypes match to who I am.

Zulusings: This doesn't seems like a pancake tutorial.

Attractive Muscle Hunk In Birthday Suit And Touching Himself

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  1. I love how serious she takes these subjects because it makes the rest of us so aware of how we act

  2. Please explain how God commanding genocide and having a commandment thou shalt not kill is somehow not a contradiction because it's pulled out of context.

  3. First, we are not and never will be “mentally” or “physically” truly equal.

  4. she is so ugly, i dont understand why every1 orgasms over her. she looks like an over-used burlap bag with way to much make-up.

  5. if i wouldnt come from a religious, homophobic family i couldnt believe how cruel people are. sadly, i do. and it. makes. me. sick.

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