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Huge Hunk Fucks Tight Ass

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Ismael 210: Please make one video on dating a polish women.

Lora Scelsi: Persian girls are naturally beautiful! they don't need all those cosmetics, tans and shit! BTW Im not a Persian! but I know a few Persian girls who are pretty and cool! hehe

Sameh Ahmed: French guys are American girls fantasy. Meanwhile. I ship France and England

MrCharlie393: That guy is a douche though.

Mike Lastansa: Do dating a Hungarian!

WolfAssassin: Are polish people the missing link between men and apes ? Or are apes the missing link between men and pollocks ?

Brock Garrett: I'm french and everything is false exept the orange cheese

Fanny Romero: Sweet jesus i cannot wait to move/go to Europe now. I seriously wouldn't mind dating a german girl, i already love the language XD

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  2. I'm not a feminist because the movement focuses on positive rights which are in opposition to my beliefs.

  3. I think toxic masculinity and femininity wouldn't really be opposites like people are assuming. Men and women aren't opposites, per say.

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